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Of Cloud Solutions, Of Security and Privacy, Of New Business Models, Of Customizable Virtual Desktops

What is Qube-OS ?

Qube-OS is the ultimate opportunity for companies to deliver and sell cloud services that perfectly fits your customer needs.

A safe, low cost, web based platform that enables new business models in ICT sector using virtual desktop

That works on every device and OS.

Qube-OS Platform best features


Today companies suffer constant threats from hackers. Qube-OS is the solution.

We care about your files, that’s why we provide our customers:

  • Data encryption services.
  • End-to-End Passwords.
  • Safety and reliability is also assured according to the OWASP standards.


Your privacy and your sensitive data are well guarded in Qube-OS.

Qube-OS follows the Zero Knowledge Policy, this means that the provider cannot have access to your files.
Qube-OS also provide an email client and an instant messaging app to chat with your colleagues privately.

Easy and user friendly

Cloud technology has never been easier to use.

Cloud technology has never been easier to use.
Everyone can start using our VD even without experience.
It’s just like using your PC.

Every device, every OS

Being an OS web based means that you can use our service from every browser on every device on every OS.
Nothing to install, nothing to download.

Provider’s Advantages of using Qube-OS

Workspace Optimization

A safe environment for your customers and employees where they can work and communicate without distractions or risks.
Focusing all your cloud needs and services in one environment makes you save time and money.

Custom Marketplace & VDI

With our Over The Top technology we can develop and provide personal and customized Virtual Desktops perfect for your business or your customers needs.
We can also provide customized app stores.


Qube-OS is also a web standard app that can easily escalate to millions of users for a reasonable price.

Cloud Brokerage

Offering Cloud Brokerage solutions with our service is easy and profitable like never before!


Qube-OS is a web based OS like no one.
Our system can be hosted on the customer’s Cloud Infrastructure.


Qube-OS is customizable for specific markets or cusotmers.
Our solution is compatible with Private Cloud, great for B2B.

"...now easier to create and to distribute in the network a countless number of virtual cloud-based computers, in a controlled and an affordable way."

Come and discover the free Cloud of Qube-OS.

Customer’s Advantages of using Qube-OS

Cloud Storage

We can offer cloud storage space to satisfy your business needs.

Many Apps, One Account

Our Marketplace is always ready and new apps are waiting for you!

All-in-one Platform

Tired of using many different cloud services?
With all your stuff scattered on the cloud?
Qube-OS is an all-in-one platform where you have all you need in one cloud account.
Apps, contacts, storage, all in one solution.

Money Saved

Our brand new technology grants us the opportunity of providing an high quality service for a reasonable price.