Activate your Virtual Computer!

Imagine a world where your computer is no longer identified with a physical computer, but exists only on the internet and you can use it instantly from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. No matter where you are or what device you are connecting with, Qube-OS is ready to do this now!

  • Everything always with you

    Everything always with you

    Much more than a virtual storage. Files, Applications, Social, Networking. It ‘s like having a computer without a computer. Flexible and powerful.

  • Easily and immediately

    Easily and immediately

    Few seconds to activate your Virtual Computer. No software to download or install. Automatic Updates. Expand disk space is as easy as opening a drop-down menu. Finds your friends and create your networks.

  • Safe and reliable

    Safe and reliable

    Encrypted access. Https support. File encryption with AES-256. No traces on the PC used. Automatic and redundant backups on various locations. Data Center Certificates. Immune to viruses.

  • Free to run

    Free to run

    It Does not weigh, it does not take up space, you can not break it, it is always with you, it is invisible, it appears only when you need it, you can not forget or lose, no one can steal it.

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  • What is a virtual computer?

    What is a virtual computer?

    It ‘s like having a computer without a computer! It ‘a computer that lives only on the internet and you can use from any device connected to the Internet. Having it is easy, go to this website, sign up, enter your password and you will be immediately available to your virtual computer ready for use. One thing is certain, you can not forget it at home!

  • How to use a virtual computer?

    How to use a virtual computer?

    It works just like a normal computer, you have a desktop, the drive for data storage, file manager to organize files and folders, an office suite and other applications ready to install. With one click you can connect virtual computers to each other to share content, collaborate and communicate. To use a virtual computer are not necessary devices with high configurations, but they can easily run the browser.

  • Why do I need a virtual computer?

    Why do I need a virtual computer?

    To move more freely and safely, to have everything with you and avoid the headaches and back pain. At work, at school, at home, at the university, during a trip in all circumstances the virtual computer will bring you all the advantages and power of cloud computing and web 2.0