TheVault, Close and Closed

The service is addressed to the private users and the professionals. It offers a free personal virtual desktop that is:

  • Operative through any browser
  • Always reachable through internet connection, regardless the connection and device in use
  • A safe and private place, where personal data can be saved, protected and digital activities can be managed
  • Customizable through amarketplace of applications for leisure and professional services
  • It offers the possibility for costumers or users to connect with other customers in order to create private virtual network to share files, communicate and cooperate
  • An easy cloud solutions that everybody can use
  • 2000 new users subscribed in the first 3 months


Go to and see Qube-OS in action!

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Cisco Systems

CISCO systems use Qube-OS platform in many ways:

  • As a Marketing and Selling tool
  • To show the benefits of Cloud Technology
  • For ApplicationsMockup
  • To deliver and sell Cloud Brokerage Services


Cisco is one of the leading suppliers of networking equipment.

Go to Cisco website


Za.Ve.Ro, an italian company specialized in producing industrial ball valves for gas and oil, use Qube-OS platform to:

  • Communicate privately with their customers
  • Provide personal VD to customers
  • Offer an exclusive platform to follow every project
  • Enable cloud services


ZA.VE.RO the outcome of 40 years experience.

Go to ZA.VE.RO website