We imagined a world free like a cloud.
We filled it with the most precious things,
those we would never lose
and those we’d like to use any time,
We imagined a world in which flourish,
where our well-being could be shared by all of us.
A world full of shared experiences, with no material and technological bounds.

Qube-OS. Come and discover our world.


Qube-OS is a state-of-art system aimed at managing web based Virtual Desktop serving as Cloud Broker, completely customizable and which can be used by any device, fully compliant with highest industry security levels.

Through Qube-OS, we propose to Telco, Providers, Companies and Public and Private Institutions an innovative way to offer digital services to end customers. It offers the possibility to enable new business models in the field of digital life style, thus further developing the market.

Qube-OS is the most efficient and flexible software platform focused to overthrow all the hurdles which, until today, have limited and prevented a massive Cloud Computing market development.

Specifically, it is a complete and customizable system allowing implementation and control of an ecosytem, which aims at an integrated distribution of digitalized services available through a single personal, cooperative and social web desktop.

Providers and Vendors

In order to promote your products and services, you have the possibility to create and supply branded versions of Web based Virtual Desktop, through our Qube-OS Platform.
Feel free to contact us, in order to receive complete informations regarding your activities.
Our platform Qube-OS offers services for all the customers. If you are a provider on cloud IAAS, PAAS or SAAS, or a vendor of PC, mobile communication, OEM/ODM tablet services or a mobile operator, then Qube-OS is suitable for you.


Thanks to Qube-OS Platform, all companies – in any field – are now able to create integrated solutions of cloud-based services, with a simple and affordable way.
Indeed, through Qube-OS, the companies are able to create their own digital cloud-based multi-network and multi-devices cross-platforms, without facing significant investment costs in terms of time and resources, by managing directly bundles of services for all the customers.

End Users

Qube-OS web based Virtual Desktop is a solution that allows the users to have their personal data, applications, data and digital services always available from all the devices, with a high level of security and privacy. Thanks to Qube-Os web Desktop, the user’s personal life is constantly synchronized through the mobile ecosystem, regardless of the available internet connection, or the device’s brand or model in use.


Content providers and developers are able to reach the Qube-OS web desktop users in order to promote their applications and services through the Marketplace.
It is a matter of an environment from which developers, inventors of contents and end users will benefit.
Moreover, thanks to the available wide library of API, pairing with applications based on open web technologies – such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS, developers will be able to create interactive, rich ad involving experiences.



We firmly believe in the open technologies, completely committed to the future.
For this reason Qube-OS, our Web-Based Operating System,
has been fully developed in HTML5.

As a result, it is now easier to create and to distribute in the network
a countless number of virtual cloud-based computers,
in a controlled and an affordable way.

Come and discover the free Cloud of Qube-OS.


Web Based Virtual Desktop, which includes:

Web-based operating system (web-os)
It ensures and regulates theuser experience in the ecosystem.

File manager & sharing
It allows the users to archive, manage, organize and share their files and folders with the other users in the ecosystem.

Social & collaboration
It allows the users to log in and create a private network with other users in the ecosystem. In addition to common social tools (e.g. wallpost, chat, etc.), it also includes audio/video communication and cooperation tools.

Application Store
It allows the users to buy and to install new applications and services with a simple click of the mouse, in order to personalize the use of their virtual computer.

Platform Administration
This environment allows to manage the entire platform, thanks to:
– dashboard status of the activities
– systems for automatic marking of errors, bugs or defectiveness
– management and monitoring of users and user profiles
– management of services, applications and contents previously loaded on the web desktop
– statistics
– management of marketplace and offer packages
– management of messages, notifications and communication directed to the users
– management of multi-level system administrators Rights Profile
– integration of payment and billing system
– management of the developer center
– management of multi-instance architectures for differentiated management of vertical markets

Developer Center
It is reserved to Partners who have the possibility to publish their applications and services on the Application Store, which is present on all the virtual desktop of the users.
In this space, the Partner carries out all the activities related to validation, implementation, uploading, testing and publication of his own application.

Cloud Business Enabler

Qube-OS is a system that offers the possibility to arrange, in an affordable, rapid and simple way, several types of offers for cloud based digital services, both referring to custom projects and/or to vertical markets. The platform allows the implementation of a complete ecosystem managed by the provider, who serve as a Cloud Broker, ensuring and certifying to his customers:
• security;
• services quality;
• accessibility.

The main advantage is to allow the customers to use the services directly from a universal web desktop, which becomes a single, safe and controlled channel, with a high added-value, also thanks to the integration of collaboration and sharing tools.
Qube-OS can be implemented in all the virtualization stacks and its characteristics permit to arrage a private, public and hybrid cloud.
Qube-OS has been designed to offer its advantage under all circumstances, making available the development of new business models and new market segments for the Cloud. For instance, cloud services for the personal cloud, or services for professionals, SME or big enterprises and Public Sector.
Qube-OS is a strategic and affordable solution to create and offer to its customers packages of integrated Cloud services, also including third-party services brokerage.

For instance, the Qube-OS model shows its flexibility and innovativeness for all IT market players who are provided with point of sales (flagship shops, franchising, etc.). Through these selling channels, it is now possible to enable a business model for cloud services sales which involves personnel with little or no specific competences, enabling them to serve as assistants in sales and communication of cloud services to the customers.

We remain at your disposal for explanations and in-depth analysis. We are here for you, to offer our consulence, discovering how Qube-OS could be useful for your business.

Case studies


The service is addressed to the private users and the professionists. It offers a personal virtual web based computer that is:

• self service operative through internet;
• always reachable through internet connection, regardless of connection and device in use;
• a safe and reserved place, where personal data can be saved and digital activities can be managed;
• customizable through a virtual store of applications and leisure and professional services;

To conclude, it offers the possibility for the costumers to connect the virtual computers with other customers, in order to create private virtual network to share file, to communicate and to cooperate.

Real life example

The Demand

A Trade Association offers professional supporting services to its 200.000 partners, through its institutional portal.
Some of the offered services are distributed via internet and, in this case, the partner is addressed to other websites, where he can use the service after a registration procedure.

The Trade Association aims to constantly enrich the offer of internet services for its partners and to optimize the access mode and the user experience while using them.
In order to meet these goals, it turns to Solution Providers.

The Solution

The Association is oriented by the offer of a Provider, who proposes a cloud system distributed in as-a-service modality, a customizable solution for the Association that is able to offer to each member a personal web desktop, that can be used through internet and that is accessible from everywhere with all kind of connection and from all the devices, through a password and a login in the Association‘s internet portal.

On his web desktop, the partner will have at his disposal:
• a web-based operating system (WebOS), that can be used as a normal operating system, in order to archive personal data, to manage file and folders, to install applications and to personalize the workspace;

• Social and Collaboration tools, that can be used with other users who have the web desktop and who can, if appropriate, connect to each other and thus creating virtual network to share file, to communicate and to cooperate both with the Association and with collegues, partners, customers;

• the possibility to log in and to use from his personal web desktop the services already available but rearranged as app;

• the possibility to log in the Web APP Store of the Association, in order to install new App, new digital services and new web contents, which are dedicated to the personal professional activity and which are constantly uploaded.

Not only meets this model the goals of the Association, but it also shapes a safe and protected ecosystem, fully managed and controlled by the Association, which on one hand increases and speeds up the fruition and the constant insertion of new services for the members, on the other hand creates the opportunity in the Association’s ROI (Return of Investment) model.



Gabriele Loiacono

Founder, CEO

About me

I believe that the most important thing is to win in the way I know, and not simple to win.
The victory itself is not useful for me, because I find it not new. Innovating constantly is what I like.
Summary or mixture?
While my fridge is waiting for my friend request, I am thinking about inviting it on holidays in the North Pole...

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Luigi Vassallo


About me

Graduated in Information Science. He worked 25 years as a manager of Telco Operator and Web Companies.
He has been responsible for the Expo's Cyber Security since 2014, working as CIO of Expo2015.
He teaches at the University la Sapienza, in Rome, in the faculty of Computer Engineering.

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Lorenzo Pittaluga

Legal Advisor

About me

Lorenzo Pittaluga was born in 1974. After the Bachelor Degree and the Master, he became a Laywer in 2004.
He worked as an auditor in 2009.
He is a professional Broker, qualified by the Chamber of Laywers.
He decided to work in the field of the intellectual professions. From more than 5 years ago, he has his personal study.

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Andrea Mark Toni

Financial Advisor

About me

He was born in Swansea (UK), in 1972.
He is strategic Advisor and insurace Broker.
He is Executive Board Member of Alco Gestione Rischi and of CBS International Television Italy.
He is Administrator and member of Alco Advisory.
He has been working in the field of the banks for 17 years: BNP Paribas, FCE Bank Plc, Meliorbanca Gallo & C.
He graduated in Economics from the University La Sapienza, Rome.

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Fabio Cecaro

Cloud Architect

About me

He is an expert in the Cloud Computing model. President of EuroCloud Italy, Administrator of VMEngine srl, society partner consulting of AWS and Cloud Solution Architect.
Founder of one of the first 5 AWS-User-Group in Europe, Neaples. Cofounder of EuroCloud Italy, organizer of CloudCamps and Cloud Labs.
His nicknames: Mr.Cloud or Santa Cloud, during Christmas Time.

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Paolo Perrucci

Developer, System Engineer, CyberSec

About me

After almost 20 years of work in the world of Information & Communication Technology, I am sure: this is not a work, this is a passion.
A passion that taught me not to be afraid to change and not to give up learning.
This is how I reached this point and I want to keep going.
Who wants to follow me?

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Andrea Cherri


About me

This is where the text for the back of your card should go.

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Alessandro Gerardi

Segreteria Amministrativa

About me

Online soon.

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Stefano Masciocchi


About me

How long it takes to turn a rough idea into a full-bodied piece of interactive communication entity?
What happens if you just mess up with print, motion, web design and get away with it?
How do you cope with the unbearable truth that next project is your best project?
Too many questions, so little time - two and a half decades - spent in design fields.
Some people think I'm the one who knocks, while others believe I've been bitten by a radioactive Mac.
Truth is, do you really love me?

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Partners & Investors


Cisco is one of the leader companies in the supply of networking devices. It was founded in 1984, in San Jose, California, set up by a group of researchers of the Stanford University. They put their attention on the production of routers. Now more than 60.000 people worldwide work for Cisco.
The current Chief Executive Officer and President is John Chambers.


The abbreviation FI.R.A. stands for “Finanziaria Regionale Abbruzzese”, an Italian corporation with shared capital, public and private, that amounts to €5.100.000 (51% for the Italian region Abruzzi and 49% for the banks active on the ground).
It mainly deals with the management of support laws, through the implementation of announcements which provide for the management of European, national and regional funds. The fair use of announcements is regulated by the preliminary activity, drafting of rankings, distribution and monitoring of the support measures, previously discovered.
FIRA is the implementation tool for the regional economic planning. It works with the aim to contribute to the development and the socio-economic balance of the region, to the total settlement and use of all the resources of the Abruzzi and the evaluation of its enterprises.


Start Up Start Hope is a revolving fund valid on POR FESR 2007-2013, 1.2.2. activity. It is dedicated to the creation and the growth of innovative enterprises, which are able to employ, to attract capital and talented people, to promote the development of the ground and the country. The Start Up Hope supports the small and innovative enterprises operative in the Abruzzi, through the participation to the risk capital.


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