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Cisco is one of the leader companies in the supply of networking devices. It was founded in 1984, in San Jose, California, set up by a group of researchers of the Stanford University. They put their attention on the production of routers. Now more than 60.000 people worldwide work for Cisco.

The current Chief Executive Officer and President is John Chambers.

CISCO has signed in 2016 an important international partnership agreement with Qube-OS.

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An Italian corporation with shared capital, public and private.

It mainly deals with the management of support laws, through the implementation of announcements which provide for the management of European, national and regional funds. FIRA is the implementation tool for the regional economic planning.

It works with the aim to contribute to the development and the evaluation of its enterprises.

In July 2015 FIRA joined Qube-OS equitywith a capital increase of 600.000€.

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Start Up Hope is dedicated to the creation and the growth of innovative enterprises, that are able to employ, to attract capital, talented people and promote the business development.

Start Up Hope supports the small and innovative enterprises.

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